Connect to Nature in Slovenia

There are small joys in life – sitting by a fire with your friends, learning foreign words, swimming in a cold river, laughing with a friend or picking wildflowers from a nearby field. Those are just some of the things that made the big thing (= the project) so special.  Connect to Nature was a […]

Love at first sight: Czech-Georgian cooperation

Friendship and business cannot be combined? Do you believe in this? We will lead you astray! Once upon a time in Azerbaijan, Ramiz from our partner organization Common Sense, who was hosting a conference in Baku, introduced us to a Georgian organization International Centre for Peace and Integration (ICPI). Genesis was represented by our Managing Director […]

Marek & Vojta in the middle of Georgia

Two guys from the Genesis team are currently volunteering at ICPI – Marek and Vojta. They are in Georgia for four months already and they decided to share with you what they do there, what’s their first expression of Georgia and their experience so far. More about Vojta’s experience and beginning you can read here. […]

Volunteering in Georgia by Vojta

Hello, my name is Vojta, I’m from the Czech Republic and will share my first 4 months of ESC in Georgia! My ESC volunteering journey is passing so fast, in the office there are always some tasks to do. Answering emails, planning projects, and meetings, creating infopacks, and social media. Then in the meanwhile, I […]