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Be open to new, it makes you grow.

For Youth

Experience world

Go to the worls full of experiences? Does that sound like the first sentence of a fairytale?  What if we tell you that many young people from Europe start their journey with that sentence, and they learn a lot while doing so. You can be one of them. Will you join us?

We will help you to me the first step.

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for disadvantaged

We are here for everyone

Would you like to but…? It doesn’t matter what follows the word „but“, we in Genesis believe that it is important to understand your „buts“ and find solution to how to ensure a full experience for almost anything. Grab the offered hand and let us lead you throughout the world!

Together we have the opportunity to prove that it can be done!

for schools and teachers

From theory to practice

We build bridges between theory and practice. We can provide your students and teachers with internships, workshops and language courses not only outside the classroom, but even in an international environment. They will gain experience that will open many doors for them in the future.

Go off the track with us!

for companies


Teambuilding a little differently? A soft-skills workshop linked to your CSR? Give your employees workshops they won’t forget. They will practice their knowledge of foreign languages, improve their self-management and leadership skills. They will rest and the work will go better. Near the city, in nature, at your office or abroad – the choice is yours. In this way, you will support our activities and thanks to your financial contribution, for example, a wheelchair user will be able to go on an international project with the necessary assistance. Yes, we can arrange that. The combination of business and goodness is our own. Connect the beneficial with the useful with us.

Yes, it all can be connected!

Gain professional experience and support young people with fewer opportunities!

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Our other projects


Are you interested in what the projects look like? Read what our participants wrote about them on the blog or on our social networks.