Marek & Vojta in the middle of Georgia

Two guys from the Genesis team are currently volunteering at ICPI – Marek and Vojta. They are in Georgia for four months already and they decided to share with you what they do there, what’s their first expression of Georgia and their experience so far. More about Vojta’s experience and beginning you can read here.

Beside their work in ICPI which includes administration, taking care of social media, preparing and hosting projects and so on, they also have some free time to travel around Georgia. Volunteering is not just about the work in organization but also getting to know other cultures, that is why Marek travels around the country in every free minute. He decided to go out from Tbilisi, where he and Vojta are currently living, and visit some of the Georgian mountains, waterfalls such as Lagodekhi, hometown of Stalin – Gori, and so on. Also ICPI is helping them to get to know their culture and they are organizing team buildings out of town. To get more in touch with local culture, Vojta is going every Friday to Georgian Caritas to play games with kids.

In the daily life of our volunteers we also learn the local language. Thanks to the European Solidarity Corps they have this opportunity to visit courses where they can learn georgian. Vojta is also organizing and leading his own course – how to learn english. Compared to that, Marek is organizing his Traveler’s club, where they are discussing other cultures, travel hacks and experiences.

One of the main projects of the last month was organizing the World Stray Dogs event, where guys helped organization D.O.G. to get more known. They did it through the charity market and they did it pretty successfully – they succeeded in raising a generous amount of money for the operation of the organization. At the event they also helped one of the present dogs find a new home.

Guys thank you for sharing your experiences! Enjoy you time in Georgia and say hi to our friend from ICPI.