Volunteering in Georgia by Vojta

Hello, my name is Vojta, I’m from the Czech Republic and will share my first 4 months of ESC in Georgia!

My ESC volunteering journey is passing so fast, in the office there are always some tasks to do. Answering emails, planning projects, and meetings, creating infopacks, and social media. Then in the meanwhile, I have been attending Georgian classes. It was a little bit overwhelming in the beginning, but after a few weeks is it smooth like butter on bread.
In the office, I am involved also in English clubs, where we trying improve our English through conversation and little language games. There is always a great atmosphere and I am enjoying it a lot. We are a great team with other volunteers. When I get a craving to eat something sweet during office work hours, someone has only just a birthday and then we eat a cake.
To balance my work in the office I visit the Georgian branch of the Caritas organization. There I spent time with kids from difficult families. I showing kids how to do parkour or games from my childhood. Also, kids are showing me their Georgian games, which I regret I have not played as a kid too. It is always so much fun and we spent a great time together. My favorite game is Georgian-style dodgeball. They are better than me so far, but not for so long lol.
The next adventure went down in December in the project in Bakuriani. It has been a project over a week full of various activities, games, and debates for one specific target, „personal development“.
There I met great people with whom we were finding tools how to improve ourselves and move in our personal lives. Now we are great friends and personally developed.
In my free time, I always socialize with people at events, bars, and nightclubs. The Center of Tbilisi never sleeps. On the weekends I like to go hiking, visit other places, or recover from Friday night.
I have been twice to the Kazbegi region which has one of the highest mountains in Georgia. It is a big adventure and I consider those moments as memories that I will remember all my life. Maybe because after that my legs hurt for more than a week.

ICPI: „We are super grateful for his contribution to the organization and for all the beautiful moments we shared, thank you for joining the family. Special thanks to our partner NGO Genesis.“

🇪🇺 The project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme.