Would you like to, but…? If this sentence sounds familiar to you, you have probably come across an obstacle in your life that you don’t know how to deal with, or you have specific needs. It may seem that this is why you cannot go out, but Bára, for example, would not agree with that. Why?

Bára is a wheelchair user, but above all a wonderful lady. Quite possibly just like you, she was scared at first. She was afraid of the language barrier, she was afraid that the environment would not suit her, she was afraid of the unknown. So we introduced the „unknown“ to her. We went through all the technical and practical things together so that Bára knew exactly what to expect. And then she threw herself into it! How did she like it with us?

"I would recommend people to go, I'm excited for myself. When a person is alone in a wheelchair, it is necessary to have everything accessible. But I'm not alone here. It really doesn't matter that I don't go everywhere or that I don't serve everything myself, we are here in a team and everyone is very helpful. I wouldn't be afraid to recommend such a project to others, even stairs are not a problem here, someone will take you up immediately!"

So whatever you put behind the „but“, we in Genesis believe that together we can adapt to a lot of „buts“ and offer you a fully-fledged experience from Erasmus+ projects, just as we managed to do for Bára and many others.

We will also be happy to show you around the world. Maybe it will be more difficult, maybe we will sweat, but it is not impossible!

Why? Has the word inclusion reached you yet? We bet it has, and so has a lot of different explanations for the term. Let us introduce you to our definition. For us, in Genesis, inclusion means supporting equal opportunities for knowledge and education.

We create such chances in Genesis. We care about your „buts“, about the color of your skin, what is your religion or physical condition – but be careful, don’t misunderstand us, we will explain it to you. We believe that your identity also matters to you. We are convinced that if we are interested in your „buts“ in society, we will get to know you better. Together we can ensure that you will enjoy the project even with all your specific needs, no matter what country it is in.

We will be very happy to be your guides. So exchange the comfort of your home for adventure and new experiences in a group of great people from different corners of the world!

Chci vyjet i se svým „ale”. Co pro to mám udělat?

Pokud je Ti více než 15 let a umíš aspoň trochu anglicky, jsi už skoro na projektu. Určitě se nám svěř se svými potřebami, ať pro Tebe můžeme připravit prostředí projektu na míru! My k Tobě budeme upřímní, buď prosím i Ty k nám. Čím více informací máme, tím lépe dokážeme zaručit, že si projekt plně užiješ.

Ještě, než vyjedeš, projdeme spolu všechny praktické věci, abychom přesně věděli, jaké zázemí Ti máme vytvořit. 


That’s fine too. We will be with you from the beginning. Bára, who you already know from the post above, will be happy to describe how everything goes. Take a look at her report from two projects, 5Senses and Crème de la Crème, in which she participated thanks to Genesis.


We’re going through this together, don’t forget. We all have our „buts“ that can torment us – You won’t be alone with them, though, and that’s an advantage. You, us and our lecturers will make sure that all your needs are respected. You will discover a piece of the world with us for free and gain new friends and experiences. Plus, you might inspire your peers in the same situation!

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It’s easy. Find a project that interests you in our database and apply for it via the appropriate form or follow our social networks, where we publish new opportunities. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, leave us your email here, through which we will be able to contact you in the future.

Genesis projects mainly concern physically or socially disadvantaged groups and minorities. We have successfully involved people in wheelchairs and the blind in our projects, we have worked with Roma children and youth from refugee families.

Before the start of the project, we will go over all your requirements and preferences with you, so that we can choose and prepare the location according to your needs. We will be happy to discuss the matter with your assistant. Just say.

Before the start of the project, we will send you information about the project itself and the location where it will take place. You can go through the project plan, individual activities and workshops in advance, and also see the places where everything will take place. We will be happy to give you the contact details of the owners, lecturers or participants – they are also easy to contact. You will be able to discuss with them everything that is on your mind.

We can, just let us know ahead of time. Some projects are directly designed in such a way that their assistance will go with the participant. If you apply to a project where this is not the case, we just need some time to arrange everything.

We can if we know in time that you need it. We will be happy to connect you with people with whom we have good experience. At the same time, you will meet a whole group of people on the project who are ready to help you.

Are you interested in what the projects look like? You can read what our participants wrote about them on the blog or on our social networks.