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What if instead of lessons on motivation, self-development and leadership, your employees could try different techniques in a group of people from different corners of the world? They have the chance to experience exactly that with us! We offer volunteer days and activities, workshops and team building. Experience something new with your team. Gain professional experience with us and help your institution grow. In this way, you will help not only your company but also people with disabilities, who thanks to you can go beyond the borders and discover the world with Genesis. With us, you will give Bára a chance to change his life.

What you don’t have time for, we will gladly teach your employees in Genesis.


Why Genesis?

We are professional lecturers and have many years of experience with education in an international context. We like to use interactive methods, but we are certainly no strangers to professionalism. In our ranks you will find lecturers from the Czech Republic and abroad – we conduct workshops and teambuilding in Czech, English and Spanish.

The enthusiasm and energy that we abound will surely be transferred to your entire team during the meeting. Get off the beaten path and experience something new. We are a non-profit organization, so our prices are relatively low. In addition, your financial contribution will go to a good cause – a non-profit activity. Thanks to you, we will be able, for example, to provide disabled participants with assistance and continue to organize inclusive international projects, thereby changing not only Bára’s life. We will come to your offices or invite you to an experiential workshop in the mountains. There are no limits to imagination.

See the world from a different angle with us, get to know your employees in an informal environment and come with us to meet new experiences.

What can we offer you?


In Genesis, we constantly work with active young people who like to gain new experiences – so why not in your company? We are happy to find interns for your team. You can participate in the education of young people and perhaps even discover new talents. Interns can be either from the Czech Republic or from abroad. 


Action begets reaction. Let’s work together to ensure that both actions and reactions have a positive impact on your company and its surroundings. We will be happy to engage in activities with you that will ensure both the professional and personal growth of your employees, their families and the wider society.


Would you rather be in the comfort of the common room or outside? In Genesis, we can prepare teambuilding tailored to your needs. We have a lot of experience with informal and experimental education in the field of self-development. Our lecturers come from different corners of the world and are therefore able to bring a new international perspective to the activities, which is certainly not lost in today’s globalized world.

Or if you prefer a workshop on a specific topic? Find out with us how to have a more efficient team, employees who don’t just get lost in the digital world, or how to be more environmentally friendly and at the same time gain new clientele!


Find out with us how to have a team that works like a well-oiled but creative machine. Learn how to inspire others and how to build a team based on personality types. By streamlining communication for job satisfaction!

Zero waste

Although your efforts may seem like a drop in the ocean, we believe that even a little makes a difference. Discover with us simple tips and tricks, thanks to which your company can become more environmentally friendly. Even with small changes, you can achieve a lot and your awareness will surely attract new customers.

media literacy

Disinformation affects our decisions and actions more than we think, both in our professional and personal lives. The media jungle is complex and we can’t navigate it intuitively. Invite your employees to a seminar during which they will learn how to better navigate the flood of information. They will acquire valuable habits that we should all adopt these days.

personal development

Whether your goal is to help others, social impact or profit, know that employee satisfaction should never be neglected. Our goal is to help your employees realize their strengths and weaknesses and learn to work with them. You will see that collaboration will suddenly become easier after our workshops and there will be more topics for lunch together than ever.


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Are you interested in what the projects look like? You can read what our participants wrote about them on the blog or on our social networks.

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