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Into the world for experience. Pack your lunch, wave to your parents goodbye and go exploring. Travel around the world, meet a lot of interesting people, from whom you will gain so much experience that it won’t even fit in a bag.

You will then bring the experiences home and build on them for the rest of your life. Does this sound like the beginning of a fairytale? And what if we tell you that a lot of young people from all over Europe go on such a journey, only they don’t pack a homemade bag anymore, but a suitcase or backpack, and they often go further than just over the first hill.

They will meet, for example, in the mountains of the Caucasus, on the beaches of Spain or in the metropolis of Indonesia, where we and our lecturers are waiting for them, who are ready to teach you a lot of new things.

This is exactly what the international Erasmus+ projects that we organize are about.

We in Genesis will help you take the first step towards this huge opportunity. Don’t worry about money, we pay for your accommodation, food and transport. So step with us on the right foot towards new experiences.


If you are over 15 years old and can understand English, you are almost guaranteed a place on the project. And no, you don’t have to go to college or any other school. However, you should not lack the desire to learn new things, even in an international environment. Now all you have to do is apply.

topics of our projects

Human Rights

Media literacy

Ecology and sustainable development

Personal development & Leadership


What is covered?




What are Erasmus+ projects?

Erasmus+ is an educational program of the European Union that supports cooperation between various countries and institutions and emphasizes non-formal education. What is non-formal education? Imagine that instead of writing down another theoretical note in a class, you will experience it. Do you still remember Jan Amos Komensky and his „play school“? This is non-formal education. You don’t just learn about things anymore, you experience them – and what’s more, in an international environment with people from all over the world. You can find more here.


You will go out into the world, learn a lot, make new friends and experience. At the end of the project, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate called Youthpass, which you can easily attach to your CV. Your knowledge of spoken and written English or other foreign languages, which you will practice on the project, will also stand out.


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It’s easy. Find a project that interests you in our database and apply for it via the appropriate form or follow our social networks, where we publish new opportunities. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, leave us your email here, through which we will be able to contact you in the future.

So that we are not afraid to let you into the world, you must be at least 15 years old. The language of the project is most often English, so you must understand it at least at the A2 level. For most EU countries, a national ID card is enough to travel, but we also travel to places where a valid passport is required.

Selection of participants for a new project usually takes 14 – 30 days. As part of the selection process, we will go through all the applications and connect with a group of the most suitable candidates for a certain topic. As part of the second round, there is most often a video call, during which we clarify the last details. We will contact you with the final result in the following days.

Erasmus+ covers such costs that are directly linked to participation in the project. These are airline tickets or tickets to the destination, food and accommodation, or visa. You first cover the costs associated with the trip yourself, and we will reimburse you within the project or after it based on your active participation. How is it possible that we cover all the costs associated with the project? We want you to learn something new – the basic condition is therefore your activity and enthusiasm at the workshops.

Yes. That’s great, isn’t it? You can use your TWO EXTRA DAYS, but we must warn you that if you decide to do so, you will pay for accommodation, food and other costs during these days out of your own pocket.

Don’t be afraid to tell us everything straight. List all your special needs in the application, so that we can be sure that we will provide you with everything you need on the project and that you will be able to enjoy it properly.

Are you interested in what the projects look like? You can read what our participants wrote about them on the blog or on our social networks.