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In Genesis, we build bridges between theory and practice. We can turn the material you teach in your classes into practice, even in an international environment. Your students will never forget their cooperation with us!

Comenius would certainly have been pleased that his „play school“ has caught on in our region. As part of the projects organized by us, students learn things in a fun way, through so-called informal education. We understand that the administration of various extension programs or internships is often complex and confusing, but that’s what we’re here for. We will be happy to help you get closer to the opportunities that the Erasmus+ program offers to the students of your school.

What we can offer you?

Does your school offer internships in various Czech companies? And why not give your students and teachers the opportunity to go abroad? This will properly fill the study plan and, as a bonus, they will gain international experience and experiences. In Genesis, we will connect you with a partner school and answer all questions related to the trip. The program covers all expenses related to transport, accommodation and meals of the participants.

Or do would you prefere a workshop on a specific topic? With us, your students can learn how to navigate the digital world, how to be kinder to nature or how to work with their strengths and weaknesses!

Media literacy

Disinformation influences our decisions and actions more than we think. The media jungle is complex and we can’t navigate it intuitively. Treat your students to a seminar during which they will learn how to better understand themselves in the flood of (dis)information. They will thus acquire valuable habits that we should all adopt these days.

zero waste

Although your efforts may seem like a drop in the ocean, we believe that even a little makes a difference. Discover with us simple tips and tricks, thanks to which your school can become more environmentally friendly. Even with small changes, you can achieve a lot, and your awareness will certainly inspire students as well.

personal development

A satisfied student is a good student. And the same goes for teachers. During the personality development seminar, we will help your students or teaching staff to realize their strengths and weaknesses and learn to work with them. You will see that collaboration will suddenly become easier after our workshops and there will be more topics for lunch together than ever.

Language courses for students and teachers

If you would like to find out more about the VAC program or our workshops, please contact us – we will be happy to come to you. We will meet with you, the teaching staff and students and we will explain everything to you.


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Are you interested in what the projects look like? You can read what our participants wrote about them on the blog or on our social networks.

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