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About us

The Genesis organization was born in the heart of Vysočina. It is made up of a group of young people who today live in different parts of the world, but come from villages in Vysočina, Šumava, Pardubice and Posázaví. They like to return to the regions with their projects because they have never forgotten where they are at home. Since 2013, they have already opened the door to the world for hundreds of young people. Next time it can be you. 

People abroad

We were brought together by a common motivation to be beneficial to the society around us. We are all different, but thanks to this diversity we are able to prepare projects in which we are on the same page, and an equally diverse group of participants as well.


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Where do we want to live?

our vision

We want to be part of a society that can offer all its members benefits that they can benefit from nowadays, regardless of their background, origin and identity. A society that is informed, considerate, supportive and actively participates in its own development.

What can we do for it?

our mission

Our mission is to present people opportunities that will lead to their self-development. To bring chances where there are seemingly none. Helping children and adults take the first step outside their comfort zone towards incredible adventures and priceless experiences.

What project topics are we in genesis focus on

Genesis is most interested in:

Human rights

Media literacy

Active citizenship


Personal development



Social entrepreneurship

our team

Aneta Bednářová

Výkonná ředitelka & lektorka


Michaela Musilová

Projektová manažerka


Lukáš Zajíček

Lektor & Metodolog


Linda Phanová

Projektová koordinátorka


Lucie Lydia Petera

Projektová Asistentka


Markéta Čapková

Projektová asistentka


Dylan Richand



Tereza Hochmanová

Genesis in Cambodia


Jasmína Albadaghová

Fotografka & Dobrovolnice

What do we organize?

In Genesis, we like to learn by doing, and our projects look like that. We offer the participants a spectrum of thematic trips, thanks to which they will deepen their theoretical knowledge, which they will then try out in practice. The international formations that we organize at Genesis include especially mobility projects for young people and youth workers on foreign internships.


At a youth exchange, young people from at least two countries meet to work together on a specific topic. They have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and make new friends. Such an exchange lasts from 5 to 21 days and its participants should be between 15 and 30 years old. The only criteria for selection is motivation and at least a basic knowledge of English, which is usually the working language. These are projects open to everyone without exception, so even young people with special needs – such as those in wheelchairs – participate in them. In addition, all expenses related to the exchange are fully covered by the Erasmus+ package. Why? Young people are the future, so it is in everyone’s interest to have as much perspective as possible, to be equipped with languages and to work together across nations.


Not for nothing is it said that “it’s in the people”. The worker in the community center, the teacher in the after school clubs, they also influence children and young people in their future direction. That’s why it’s great when they can try out new methods of informal education and be inspired by others. After returning from such a project, they often work with even greater commitment and try to apply the newly acquired knowledge to their target group. All expenses related to their international formation are fully covered by the Erasmus+ package, therefore these projects are also open to everyone who has a desire to grow and use the experience gained in their work.


Do you want to experience something, gain new work experience and improve your foreign language? In that case, volunteering or an internship in, for example, one of the EU states, Armenia, Georgia or Morocco could be something for you. Just register on the European Solidarity Corps platform or wait for us to publish a similar offer on our website, Facebook or Instagram. During your stay in another country, you will be able to participate in the running of a non-profit organization, a school, or perhaps a leisure center. Accommodation, travel, language course, insurance, food will be paid for your work, and you will also be entitled to a daily allowance for personal expenses ranging between 3 and 6 euros, depending on the country. You can choose from individual and group projects and leave for a period of 2 weeks to 12 months.


No matter how good we are in our field, there is always room for improvement. We have the most to learn from those who work in completely different sectors than us, and yet deal with the same topics. We see great importance in cross-sectoral cooperation between businesses, academia and the non-profit sector. We think that in order for society to develop, these sectors must work together and thus come up with unconventional solutions and ideas. During long-term strategic projects, in which each stakeholder has a role, we conduct research, create new methodologies, manuals and books in the field of leadership, work with youth or perhaps education in the field of media literacy. Although the participants sometimes “speak a different language”, we consider this cooperation to be an integral part of the path to achieving common goals.